In all circumstances, SAPIN, ensures compliance with standards and provides the best products at the best price. With our expertise, we respond to our customer’s requirements and standards in

Supply Selection : we make sure to choose wood by taking into account the quality of the logs, volume of branches etc, thus avoiding traces of rot or wild game damage.

Product cleanliness : we only treat healthy and fresh, free of shrapnel, plastic or any other material that could cause damage (especially in the paper production line)

Granulometry : SAPIN respects the size and consistency of its products.


Our multi-functional team consists of 15 professional staff (employees, foresters and truck drivers). At the office, your queries are dealt with through 4 languages (French, Dutch, German and English).

Faced with a changing market and dependent on weather conditions, we do necessary for being reactive, regardless of the degree of urgency.

Alternatively, we are constantly improving our tools and methods of work to improve our efficiency.


The company Sapin is under the same management with the last thirty years and is recognised for its commitment and reliability to supplying our customers.

This reputation is built on

– Success in managing acquisitions
– Knowledge of wood and its crafts
– Quality material and technics deployed
– The enthusiasm of its active team over many years
– Financial stability ( payment, capital, etc..)

With these sub-contractors and suppliers, SAPIN shares the same philosophy, driven by passion of the wood and desire to create a healthy and sustainable relationships between the world of industry and nature.