Our team is active in the purchase and sale of wood destined for Paper Mills, Sawmills and Crushing Plants. We also supply product for power plants like bio-energy, composting and pellet producers

SAPIN treats a wide range of products, diverse species in various shapes (logs, chips and related derivatives), with or without primary processing, of small or large dimension.


Our Department in charge of the harvesting manages approximately 200,000 m3 of wood per year of standing forest or on roadside.

• Belgium: East and South, Condroz, Famenne
• Germany: Theinland-Phalz, Nordrhein-Westphalen
• Holland: South
• France: North

Our purchases consist primarily of saw logs and pulpwood.

SAPIN deals with Foresters, Timber Traders, Government Agencies and Private Owners, primarily located in the following territories:

The operational work of these forests fields (felling & haulage) are performed under contract and the strict control of our commitment to full compliance of
• Operating conditions
• Quality of product
• Environment


Our trucks do the part of the transport of chips and by-product from sawmills and factories. Our location being close to the borders of major European countries allows us easy access to source of supply and our customers.

The transport of logs, chips (quantity not transported by SAPIN), bark and sawdust, is subcontracted out to hauliers chosen for their expertise and knowledge of the profession.

All collaborators must be able to, at least, recognise and sort the material to be loaded for our diverse customers.

SAPIN only works with specialised trucks for transport of wood:
– Forestry trucks with crane
– Trucks type “DOL”
– Trucks with walking floor trailers


SAPIN is specialized in maritime import and offers all wood products inclusive logistic services from Scandinavia, The Baltics, UK, Ireland, Germany and France.

We organise the complete logistic chain, from the purchase to final delivery to customer’s yard and ensure impeccable tracking from A to Z.

If you are interested in importing wood, please contact us where we can provide you with a very professional service with quality management, all at a competitive rate.